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Music Lessons
Are FUN!

Voice & Violin Lessons, Artist development and
Music Career Counseling

Learn how to get the most out of your instrument. Study with a pro who has
over thirty years experience to share to help you be your best!
Want a career in the music industry?
Get yourself ROCKIN with Jacksonville's premiere "Nashville Connection"
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PH: 904-727-7057

"It didn't take me long for me to be able to pick out your students! Your
teaching style and quality of excellence was very evident in each and every
one of them."

Deborah J. McDuffie.........Choral Director "The Ritz Voices"

"Honestly, I thought that I really had no future in being a good singer. I
had plenty of other voice coaches and had read nearly every available book
on the subject but it didn't help very much. But, with just a few lessons
with you, my ability to utilize my voice was completely revamped."

Todd Shapiro...................Vocal Student

Anyone can teach; only a special few can reach.

I currently teach violin and string techniques @ Edward Waters College in Jacksonville

Private Lessons........ specializing in voice and violin
If you're studying voice, you'll  get expert advice and direction for singing all contemporary styles of music including pop, rock, country, jazz, contemporary Christian, gospel, and Broadway. Plus you'll learn how to keep your voice healthy while you build a stronger, healthier instrument. If you're a performing vocalist wanting to expand your range and better understand your voice you'll receive direction and exercise programs designed to help you reach your fullest potential. Learn how to focus your voice plus proper placement and support while you develop more acute pitch, bigger fuller tone and overall control.

If studying violin you'll learn to read music as well as how to play by ear. Focus on technique will help you produce a bigger, fuller sound and ear training will allow you to play along with others even when there's no written music to follow! Learn how to express your musical ideas with the violin in a variety of genres of music.

When you study with Ms. Greenwood, you'll also receive invaluable opportunities to perform before live audiences as a means of helping you hone your performance skills.
Learn how to get the most out of your instrument and develop your talent. Study with a pro who will share over thirty years of professional experience to help you be your best and reach your goals.

Artist development and Music Career Counseling.....
Want a career in the music industry? Get yourself ROCKIN with Jacksonville's premiere "Nashville Connection."  Offering direction and assistance with song writing, publishing, public relations, recording, touring and much more. Learn how to make money with your talents and skills!

2 teach is 2 touch lives 4 ever and  4 ever.